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intro post & masterlist

This is a community for likecharity's One Direction fic. All of the fic is now public, but if you'd like to get the updates on your friends page feel free to join the community. Membership is open. :)

The stories are also available on AO3.

all wound up and short on time.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: public humiliation.
He can never get enough of the effect he has on Harry, it's addictive, and this is just taking it to a whole new level. Maybe it's partly the idea that all these people are watching, seeing just how skilfully Louis can work Harry into a total frenzy with the tiniest things. (~2,600 words)

as loud as lions.
Harry/Louis, PG-13.
Warnings: references to homophobia and gay slurs.
Coming out!fic. Every few seconds there's a blinding camera flash, and it's overwhelming even for Harry so he can't imagine how Louis feels. All he can do is hold his hand, tight, like they've never been allowed to in public before, and let all these middle-aged men with their zoom lenses get a good long look. (~26,300 words)

could make your whole world sweet.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: D/s dynamic.
This is what he likes best, just making Louis happy, attending to his needs. (~1,800 words)

give it to me like i want it.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.

Harry is overwhelmed by Louis's size and after being fucked by him, he just can't stop wanting to have him inside of him at every opportunity. (~1,400 words)

horizontal like a quarter to three.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: rough sex, unprotected sex, facefucking, breathplay, comeplay (including a facial), rimming, some pretty serious overstimulation, and a very brief mention of spanking. (Also Harry is seventeen.)
The worst part is that Louis just wants to get really rough with him. He's wanted it right from the start, and it doesn't make sense, because Harry's always been so gentle and understanding and sweet, and yet all Louis wants to do is fuck him up. (~8,700 words)

it's you i want to take apart.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: cross-dressing (make-up and underwear), facial, unprotected sex, mentions of bullying.
He will readily admit that he likes to make Harry squirm sometimes, but this actually isn't about that—he just wants to help him get past whatever issue he has here. (And, okay, he also really wants to see what Harry would look like with lipstick on, because he bets it would be really pretty.) (~6,000 words)

leave you drowning until you reach for my hand.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: D/s, rough sex, overstimulation, spanking, facials, facefucking, unprotected sex, bondage, face-slapping, and humiliation. Under-negotiated BDSM which leads to the discovery of limits. (But everything is all right in the end!)
If Louis told him to do something that he really didn't want to do, it would be different, but Louis's never done that, never asked anything of Harry that he couldn't handle. Except—except maybe this; to obey him without praise, reward, approval, or even mere acknowledgement. (~16,500 words)

might like you better if we slept together.
Liam/Harry, NC-17.
Warnings: slightly rough sex and a little bit of comeplay.
Liam is one of those people who seem to be able to handle everything, so Harry likes finding the cracks in his armour and poking at them. It's satisfying somehow, making him vulnerable. (~7,000 words)

move like cagey tigers.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: kitty ears (though not full-on animal play) and unprotected sex.
The thing is, Louis does look really cute with the ears on. It probably has something to do with his whole outfit, the polka-dot braces and rolled-up shirt sleeves. Even so, Harry doesn't think it should be quite as attractive as it is. (~4,400 words)

rock hard like a cinder block.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: suspenders/braces!kink, struggle for dominance, fairly tame bondage and a little bit of pain!kink.
Whenever Louis wears them onstage, it's like a physical struggle for Harry not to just stare at him and drool the whole concert, and it's mean, really, because that's a challenge at the best of times. (~4,000 words)

slippage and settlement.
Harry/Louis with OT5 undertones, NC-17 and R.
Warnings: exhibitionism/open voyeurism.
Harry and Louis have sex in front of the others. It shouldn't be like this. They shouldn't be so comfortable with each other that something like this is allowed to happen without anyone completely freaking out. That has to be a sign that they've all gotten too close, that they need some time apart. (~8,200 and ~4,700 words)

so soft it twirls.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: hair!kink and D/s.
Maybe it has something to do with how pretty Harry's hair is, how it's basically his trademark, the way people distinguish between Harry and the others if they don't know the band that well. And it's something Louis has always loved in such an innocent way, and there's something about making it sexual that feels dirty and wrong in a way that really gets him off. (~3,400 words)

someone who knows how to ride.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: D/s, unprotected sex, hair-pulling, really mild breathplay and comeplay.
"You could just fuck me," says Louis almost conversationally. He's moving at a leisurely sort of pace, just gently rocking back and forth now, tiny movements that drive Harry mad. "Could just grab hold of me, make me bounce on your dick like you want. But you're not gonna do that, are you?" (~3,000 words)

state of flux.
One Direction/OFC with OT5 undertones (particular focus on Harry/Louis and Zayn/Liam), NC-17.
Warnings: group sex and a bit of exhibitionism/open voyeurism.
This girl has brought to light something none of them has ever really questioned before, something about their claustrophobic closeness that has always made people curious for reasons they never understood. Maybe they just assumed it was normal, in their own private, confusing little five-person world, but—maybe it's not. (~17,700 words)

the hunger in my heart.
Harry/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: sexual activity in the same room as sleeping people.
Harry and Louis fall for each other during The X Factor and have difficulty doing anything about it. It feels like it's written on Harry's forehead, if he's honest, and sometimes it's hard to care—sometimes, when Louis's lips travel from his mouth to his cheek to his ear, Harry's knees go weak, and he wants to tell the whole fucking world how that feels, how amazing and scary and fantastic it is for someone to have that hold over you. It doesn't feel like the kind of thing that should have to be kept secret. (~9,000 words)

that boy's got my heart in a silver cage.
Harry/Louis, (very) hard R.
Warnings: D/s and slight humiliation!kink.
The whole thing is addictive somehow, and not just because of the way that it makes Louis feel, like Harry is his and he'll do anything he says—but because of the way Harry reacts to it, even in public, twisting in his seat and tripping over his words and once even briefly hiding his face in Louis's shoulder because he's so flustered, causing the girls in the audience to squeal and shout. (~4,000 words)

'til there's no one left to hound you.
Harry/Louis, PG.

Harry and Louis's relationship from Liam's point of view, as management cracks down on them and hiding gets harder. Liam doesn't know what it is that makes them so special, and he's scared sometimes, so scared, that it will glow too hot one day and simply burn out. (~6,700 words)

to the extent that it's absurd.
gen, G.

Everybody already looks at them like they're animals in a zoo anyway, Louis says—might as well give them something to stare at. (~1,600 words)

with the hope that you would tame me.
Liam/Louis, NC-17.
Warnings: pain!kink, D/s, and a little bit of blood. Pain used as a coping mechanism. Liam is seventeen.
Once, on a dull night off, Liam tries asking Google on a whim. He stares at the blinking cursor in the search bar for a while, trying to figure out how to phrase it, because something tells him "why does my mate like it when I hit him" won't bring up a lot of helpful results. (~14,300 words)
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