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all full up with your love (1/2). liam/everyone, nc-17.

Title: all full up with your love
Author: likecharity
Pairing: Liam/Louis, Harry/Louis, OT5 of the Liam/everyone variety
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gangbang, overstimulation, unprotected sex. And just to be safe, there are some bits of this that might seem slightly dubcon. (It isn't actually dubcon but there are a couple of parts that could come across that way and be triggering.)
Summary: Basically, Liam is sad after he and Danielle break up and Louis decides to fix it with sex. "Is no one going to say it? I feel like someone should say it," says Harry thoughtfully, and then adds, "we're gonna gangbang you, Liam." (~18,000 words)
A/N: For blackwayfarers. ♥ Title from 'Rocket Ship' by Dragonette.

Liam is stressed lately. Like, really stressed. More than they've ever seen him before, Louis thinks. He's been like this ever since he and Danielle broke up a few weeks ago, and the combination of relentless recordings and shows and interviews is getting to be too much for him. He's not sleeping properly, can't relax, stuck in his own head. It's even stressing Niall out by extension, and Niall isn't easily stressed. But Liam is just so tense, and so quiet—occasionally he'll lose it and snap at someone, and then apologise and disappear off somewhere to mope, and it's getting to the point where everyone is really worried, because Liam's been in funks before but never like this.

They all try different tactics to get him out of it.

Niall just tries to get him to chill out, shows up at his door with his arms full of pizza boxes and Friends DVDs, because he thinks maybe Liam just needs to take his brain off the hook and do something familiar and mindless. But Liam can't relax into it, too distant, not laughing even at his favourite episodes, just sort of chewing absently on a slice of pizza and staring into space. He's really apologetic about it, like it's his own fault, saying over and over that he's sorry he's no fun lately. Niall says it's no problem and keeps coming round, trying different types of takeaway and different comedy shows, but the result is the same every time.

Zayn says what Liam needs is to get away from everything, just distract himself, so he takes him to movies Liam's been wanting to see, restaurants he's been wanting to try, anything Liam's expressed even a tiny bit of interest in. But it's like Liam's just not there, like he can't focus on anything enough to enjoy it, and Zayn always comes back looking drained from the effort of trying to get Liam to enjoy himself, sinks down beside Louis so they can talk into the early hours about how worried they are about him.

Harry alternates between sympathy and impatience. The most fun he ever has with Liam is when he can bug him and get Liam all flustered, and at the moment it's like Liam just doesn't have the energy for him—his only response to Harry's pranks nowadays is a little sigh or a weak smile. Sometimes Harry just gets fed up about that, but for the most part it just makes him sad. He tries taking him to the gym because that's something the two of them have always enjoyed doing together, and he's pleased to find that it works a little bit, if only because Liam ends up so focused on working out that he's not really thinking about anything else, and so exhausted after that he does actually manage to sleep a little.

Louis tries a combination of everything, copying everyone else's ideas and attempting a few of his own, refusing to give up even when the others are beginning to lose hope. It becomes a daily mission to make Liam laugh and he keeps getting into trouble for messing around during interviews because he can't stop acting like an idiot, desperate to see a smile across Liam's face even if it's just for a second. He tries to make sure Liam's getting enough cuddles, too, pouncing and not letting go if he suddenly realises an hour has passed without any of them touching him. Liam seems to feel a bit smothered by it, and Louis tries to back off, but it's hard when he sees the way he's drifting, when he sees that distant sad expression on his face, when he just wants to do absolutely everything in his power to make Liam feel better.

One day Liam shows up to work with a shaved head, and Louis decides things have gotten really serious, and goes as far as dragging Liam out to a bar for a drink. He must be right in thinking Liam's reaching the end of his tether, because he's willing to give it a go at that point, drinks a whole beer without even needing much persuasion. They're only gone a little while, though—Harry hasn't even started getting ready for bed yet, still up on his laptop when Louis returns. He glances up questioningly as Louis comes in.

"Worked a bit," Louis says with a shrug, shutting the door heavily behind him and flopping down onto the bed beside Harry. "Alcohol kinda forced him to chill out I think. Got him out of his head for half an hour."

Harry wrinkles his nose. "You should've hooked him up with someone," he says, "he probably just needs to get laid."

"Liam can go ages without sex," Louis counters, "he's like a sex camel." But he lifts his head and looks at Harry thoughtfully, considering.

"Yeah I know, but," Harry shrugs. "I dunno. Sex relaxes people, right?"

"You, maybe," teases Louis. "You always pass out right after I fuck you."

"Maybe you should fuck Liam then," Harry retorts. "Maybe your dick has magical relaxation properties."

It's like an actual lightbulb pings on above Louis's head. Louis figures this has a very visible effect on his face, because when Harry glances up from his laptop again he looks faintly alarmed.

"Oh, god," Harry groans. "You can't be serious."

"It was your idea," Louis replies lightly, bouncing up onto his knees. "It makes sense, doesn't it? I don't know why we didn't think of it before. He just needs someone to like, fuck the stress right out of him."

"You're not going to fuck Liam, Louis," Harry says flatly. "I mean, yeah, maybe if he got pounded into the mattress every once in a while he'd be more fun, but—"

"Yesss," Louis hisses. "This is so perfect. No wait, listen a second, just think about it okay? It's purely hypothetical."

Harry rolls his eyes, but shuts his laptop and acquiesces, leaning back against the headboard.

"He's so uptight lately, right? And he just needs to let go, like, hand the control over to somebody else. I think that's why the alcohol helped. He doesn't like giving up control but it's what he needs."

Harry squints uncertainly. Louis goes on. He goes on for quite a while, actually, mostly about control some more, but also about trust, and how Liam always refuses to let anybody properly take care of him even when he really needs it. Harry's doubtful expression slowly turns reluctantly intrigued.

Louis knows he's onto something here. The thing is, he's really good at reading Liam. He's good at reading all of them. He might come off like the crazy one who doesn't really use his brain a whole lot, but when it comes to the others, he pays attention, sees things that other people don't. He probably knows them all better than they know themselves, honestly, and sometimes they talk about him taking things too far but he never actually does, he knows exactly how far he can push each one of them, understands where the limits are.

"Okay," says Harry eventually. "Yeah. You might have a point." Louis beams at him."But I don't like how excited you are about this," Harry adds, suspiciously.

"Oh come on, it's not like that," Louis says, because it's really not. "It's more like, a favour for a friend. Or a mission. Operation Get Liam To Relax."

"Operation Replace The Stick Up Liam's Ass With Your Dick," Harry amends, raising an eyebrow at him. "Listen, are you actually asking me for permission to try and fuck him? I'm not even sure it's worth discussing because there is no way on earth that Liam would ever agree to that, but—"

"Thanks," Louis interjects sarcastically.

"Not because you're you, because he's Liam. Just tell me if this is still hypothetical."

"Well, what if it wasn't?" asks Louis. "You know, hypothetically, what if I was serious."

"I don't think you understand what 'hypothetical' means," Harry replies, but then he turns serious again, silent for a bit, really thinking about it. Louis knows that the thought of him being with anyone else generally makes Harry's skin itch, but this is different, and he thinks Harry recognises that. This isn't about them, it's about Liam and making things better for him. Better for the whole band.

It's for the greater good, really.

"Well," says Harry slowly, "I'd want you to tell me all about it after, because the thought of Liam getting fucked is actually hilarious."

Louis grins at him. "And?" he prompts, sensing there's going to be more than one condition.

"And then...then I'd want you to fuck me too, after, and tell me how much better I am."

"But of course," Louis chuckles, ruffling Harry's curls.


Louis sort of can't get the thought out of his head after that. It's not even about his own desires, he's not even thinking about that, it's just about giving Liam what he needs. Fixing this. And now that Harry's on board with the idea—well, accepting of it, at least—he just. He really doesn't want to wait too long to give it a go.

They're staying at a hotel a few days later and it seems the perfect time. They're all down at the bar apart from Liam, who's turned in early, and Louis can't stop thinking about just slipping upstairs and letting himself into Liam's room, can't stop thinking about what he'd say and do, how he'd get Liam to realise this is a good idea. He discusses it with Harry in hushed tones and it seems like Harry's jealousy is starting to fade, like he's actually starting to get excited for this. Harry's always sort of liked trying to push Liam out of his comfort zone, after all.

"You two are particularly whispery tonight," Niall comments after a bit. "What's the big secret?"

"Or is this one of those times where we'll regret asking?" Zayn adds.

"Louis's going to try fuck Liam," Harry says, because he's had a few too many and isn't terribly good at keeping his mouth shut in such conditions.

Zayn and Niall sort of blink at them, like they're not sure whether to take this seriously or not. In the end, Niall just snorts and goes back to his drink, muttering "Weirdos."

Zayn peers at Louis suspiciously. "You are kidding," he says, like he just needs to check.

Louis shrugs. "Dunno. Thought it might help. Relieving stress and all that." He offers a wink, and is aware that even when he's being deadly serious he has the uncanny ability to sound like he's talking shit. It's handy, because he's not entirely sure if he wants Zayn and Niall to know about this yet.

"I think there's something wrong with your head," Zayn replies.

"Are you gonna go right now?" Harry asks, forgetting to keep his voice down.

"Yeah, all right," says Louis. He wasn't actually planning to just yet, but this seems like the perfect opportunity to mess with Zayn and Niall a little bit more. He finishes off his drink and gets up, grinning at them all. "See you lot in the morning. Just gonna go give Liam the best shag of his life."

"Right," says Zayn, frowning doubtfully.

"Keycard?" Louis asks. They usually hand the spares round to each other, and Louis knows Zayn's got Liam's this time.

Zayn still looks incredibly suspicious, but fishes around in his pocket, pulls out two cards and places one in Louis's upturned palm. Louis gives him a cheery grin.

"Good luck," says Harry, and Louis notices that he looks a little doubtful too, though his eyes are sparkling with anticipation at the same time.

Niall looks at Louis, then at Harry, then back to Louis again. "Weirdos," he reiterates, and bids Louis farewell with a wave.


When Louis opens the door to Liam's room, Liam is pretending to be asleep. Louis knows it's not so much because he doesn't want to be disturbed but because he doesn't want anyone to know just how difficult things have been for him lately, how he can't even sleep properly these days. Louis knows he wants to pretend he's managing just fine, even though they're not dense, they can tell easily just how tired he is and the nights that they're on the bunk they can hear him pottering about in the early hours, putting the TV on with the volume turned down. And he's never been a very good actor, so Louis isn't convinced in the slightest when he rolls over onto his back, stretching and yawning and flicking on the bedside light.

Louis wastes no time. He kicks off his shoes and bounds onto the bed, crawling forwards, knees on either side of Liam's body. "Hi," he says, straddling Liam now, crouched over him. Liam blinks blearily, looking at him with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity.

Louis kisses him.

That, in itself, wouldn't really be a big deal, because they do that sometimes. They all do. Louis's not quite sure how it started, but they've never really been big on boundaries, and somewhere along the way it stopped being weird to greet or thank each other with a peck on the lips. This, though, is different. They don't kiss like this, late at night and in bed and on top of each other and deep, Louis trying to open Liam's mouth with his tongue.

(Well, Louis and Harry kiss like that. But they've always been a little different.)

"Lou," Liam says nervously, pulling back, "what're you doing?"

"We're going to have sex," Louis informs him.

Liam frowns. "Um. Why?" It's a testament to their closeness that he doesn't sound more shocked by this.

"Because you need it," Louis says, simply. "It's gonna help."

"Help what?"

"Oh, lots of things," says Louis happily, shuffling back down Liam's body and spreading a palm over his hip, rubbing gently and rumpling the waistband of Liam's pyjama trousers. "It's gonna get you all relaxed, for one thing, and you'll finally be able to sleep properly."

Liam looks doubtful, and extremely suspicious. Louis kisses him again.

He has to play this right, is the thing. He's not going to force Liam into it, obviously, but he has to be careful, because if he goes too slow with too many pauses, Liam will have a chance to overthink it and panic. But if Louis asks him if he wants it, if it's okay, Liam will say no on impulse, deny it because that's what he thinks he's supposed to say, or because he's nervous and backing out is always easier than doing the thing that makes your heart pound. Louis has to show him, show him there's a part of him that does want it, and that there's nothing wrong with that. He has to let Liam pretend to protest for a little while until he relaxes into it, until he no longer feels the need to put up a wall. Louis understands that.

"C'mon, Li," he says gently against Liam's lips. He slips his palm down to Liam's dick, feels out the shape of it under the soft cotton. "I'm gonna get you hard, yeah?" he murmurs into Liam's ear.

"Lou," Liam says, and Louis listens carefully to the tone of his voice. He can tell that it's not a warning, just a feeble attempt at one because Liam doesn't think it's okay to just lie back and let this happen, because that's not what people do when one of their best mates shows up and initiates sex with them out of the blue.

Louis can't say he knows any of this though, or Liam will get defensive. So he just hums a little, stroking at Liam through his pyjamas, kissing his neck. Liam shifts his hips, and when Louis feels it, that first twitch of response in his hand, Liam starts to get properly anxious, pulse speeding up under Louis's tongue.

He laughs nervously. "Lou, c'mon, what're you playing at—"

"Shh, it's okay," Louis murmurs. He understands. They all touch Liam inappropriately sometimes and Liam's used to that—it's reacting to it this way that unsettles him, makes him get shy and embarrassed because he feels like he shouldn't, shouldn't like this.

Liam says nothing further, so Louis continues to stroke him, easing him into hardness, keeping his face against Liam's neck because he knows that if Liam could see him he'd get even more embarrassed. Gradually Liam's cock stiffens against Louis's hand, responding to the gentle petting and rubbing until it's punching out the fabric and Louis can feel its shape, its slight curve.

He slips off him, curls along him at his side. He kisses Liam's jaw, whispers, "S'okay," and then slides his hand under Liam's waistband and takes him in his fist. The skin is so hot and so soft, and slightly damp, and Liam makes a little noise when Louis touches him, a little involuntary ah.

Louis starts stroking him properly, and it's a little jerky and awkward with the fabric restricting his movements but it's enough, enough to get Liam squirming slightly against him and breathing faster. He feels good in Louis's hand, thick and hot and full, so hard. Louis wonders if he's wanked off since Danielle or if he's been too stressed to be able to relax into it. He's been needing this, Louis's sure, needing someone else to take over. Louis thumbs at the head, gently teasing the slit, spreading slickness in little circles until Liam is twitching, oversensitive, focusing on the sensation instead of thinking too much.

"Lou," he says quietly, and this time it doesn't sound like a warning at all, it sounds like a plea.

He's gone enough now, arousal heightened so that he's thinking more about the pleasure than anything else. Louis kisses his neck again, up to his ear, flicks his tongue against Liam's earlobe.

"I'm gonna fuck you," Louis says quietly, keeping his voice steady and sure but still gentle. Liam tenses up. "I'm gonna finger you open until you're ready for my cock inside, yeah? And I'll go so slow, so easy on you, make sure you can really take it, so it won't hurt at all."

He can hear Liam swallow, and then he says, "I—I'm not sure," in this shaky voice.

It's not about pressuring him, except that it is a little bit, because sometimes pressure is what Liam needs. Sometimes he just needs a bit of persuading in order to admit that he does really want something. Sometimes it's like he needs an excuse, needs to pretend he's been goaded into it, so he can maintain the facade of being the sensible one even though there are occasions when he's just as wild as everyone else. And Louis can see that. Louis's learnt that about him, watched and listened and figured him out, and he knows, knows when Liam honestly doesn't want something and when he's just pretending in order to feel safe. Sometimes it's like he needs the assurance that it's okay to let loose every once in a while and no one's gonna think any differently of him.

Louis keeps stroking him, almost soothingly, fingers just gently working over hot flesh. "If you really don't want me to, you can say, and I won't," Louis tells him, "but I think you need it. And it's me, yeah? You trust me."

Liam makes a little sound, like he's torn, like he can't possibly say yes, can't admit that he's curious, but he doesn't want to protest either, knows that Louis is giving him a chance here. He's safe with Louis, in a strange way, because Louis's always been the one to let Liam have fun, to get him to do things he never thought he'd do. Louis's managed to show him, over the years, that it's okay to do something crazy once in a while, it's okay to let go, and Louis wants him to know that this is just the same. That this is okay.

"I'm gonna make it so good for you, I promise," Louis says, kissing his throat again. "It's not a big deal. I don't want you to get all stressy about it, just—don't think about it too much, yeah? You'll love it. Trust me."

"Yeah, I do," Liam says suddenly, and it's like the words slip out without him meaning them to. He inhales sharply, and his hips hitch up so he pushes his cock through the stilled ring of Louis's hand. "Um."

Louis smiles, sitting up and petting at him, running his fingers over Liam's head and feeling the soft bristles of his hair. Liam laughs nervously, batting his hands away, and Louis sees how red he's gone, his cheeks flushed bright.

Louis leans over and opens the drawer of the nightstand, feeling right at the very back for the little zip-up bag he knows is there. He's gone through Liam's stuff countless times, always nosing through everyone's suitcases and hotel rooms so he knows exactly where he can find anything he might need in an emergency. Liam blushes even darker when Louis withdraws the bag and pulls out a half-empty bottle of KY.

There are other things in there sometimes, like condoms, and once he found one of Danielle's thongs. Another time—shortly after Liam's birthday—there was a little booklet of handmade vouchers from her, promising blowjobs. All very cute, oddly innocent sex stuff. Now it's just the lube though, making the bag seem a bit pointless, but then, it's just like Liam to feel he has to hide something like that away.

Liam is looking at him with a nervous sort of expectation, like he's just waiting for Louis to make some snide comment, tease him for the brand of lube he likes or something. And maybe in other circumstances Louis would, but Liam is strung so tight that it feels like the slightest thing could break him. He's nowhere near relaxed enough right now to take any teasing.

Not yet, anyway.

"C'mon then," Louis says, grinning and tugging at the waistband of Liam's pyjama bottoms, "let's get you out of these."

Liam lifts up, lets Louis pull them off him, and Louis sees that he's gone a bit softer, probably from nerves. But that's okay—Louis's determined to have him hard as a rock again in no time.

He pats Liam's thighs, gentle, says, "Bend your legs up for me, love."

Liam starts to, like he's on autopilot, but then freezes suddenly. "What about Harry?" he asks, and Louis realises Liam really must have too much on his mind if he didn't think to ask that earlier. Or perhaps a part of him was convinced Louis was just kidding about up until now.

"Shh, don't worry about that, it's all sorted," Louis reassures him, tapping Liam's knees.

Liam bends his legs, silently obedient, and he looks sort of dazed, a little crinkle in his brow. He looks like he doesn't quite believe this is even happening.

Louis gets a few fingers wet with the lube, using a lot more than he usually would for himself or Harry, wanting to make sure Liam is totally comfortable. He shifts Liam's knees wider and Liam puts his hands over his face suddenly, breathing in shakily, and Louis knows it's because he's looking, and it's intimate and new and embarrassing. But Liam breathes slow, gathering himself, and when Louis reaches out and strokes gently over his hole he seems to relax slightly, bringing his hands from his face and looking down at Louis with his lip caught between his teeth.

Louis gets Liam's skin slick, just rubbing his fingertips over him and letting Liam get used to it, the feeling of someone touching him there. He's still so taut though, clenched up, nervous, and if Louis pushes in like this it'll hurt.

"Li, hey, relax, Liam," Louis whispers to him, a little mantra of reassuring words, "c'mon, let go love, let me in." Liam gets there slowly, untensing his muscles like it's a great effort, until he's relaxed enough to let Louis's finger press just lightly inside. "Yeah, there you go," Louis breathes, glancing up to check on him. Liam looks sort of shellshocked, totally still.

Louis fucks him shallowly with the tip of his finger, so slow, getting a little deeper every time. It's so gradual that when he's right in, right up to his knuckle and he says, "Look, Li, got my whole finger in you," Liam looks completely stunned.

He's so hot and so unbelievably tight around Louis's finger, but Louis doesn't let himself think about that, because that's not the point, this is about how it feels for Liam. He keeps going like that for a while, gently exploratory, getting Liam used to the feeling of it, crooking his finger a little inside, speeding up his movements, everything subtle and easy. It's a long time before he adds another—using more lube just to be sure—and by then Liam has gone sort of glassy-eyed. With two fingers inside him, Louis finds his prostrate, brushes lightly over it and watches Liam's body jerk.

"Louis," he says suddenly, grabbing at the sheets and sounding startled, almost scared. "Oh—"

"Uh huh," Louis says soothingly, repeating the motion, and Liam writhes, hips grinding down instinctively, arse pushing against Liam's hand. He catches himself a second later, looking mortified, and Louis just makes reassuring noises and does it again, starting to finger him properly now, building up a rhythm with it.

Liam's cock is filling up again, fast, and by the time Louis's sliding a third slick finger deep inside him it's resting heavy and hard against his taut stomach, flushed and wet at the tip. Louis can't stop staring at it. He told himself he knew Liam needed this, but he couldn't predict it really, couldn't know for sure how much Liam would actually like it, and seeing him like this is something he never really prepared himself for. He's aching in his jeans, and he never even thought about how this would feel for him, about how much he might want it for his own sake as well as Liam's. He didn't realise how much of an effect it would have on him, seeing Liam like this, watching him start to come apart. He feels a rush of guilt then, thinking of Harry back down at the bar, probably desperately wondering what they're up to. But then he remembers the glint in Harry's eyes, and he feels confident that Harry would be just as turned on by this sight as Louis is. Maybe he'd even be proud of Louis for reducing Liam to such a state. They've always liked playing games with him, after all, making him blush and squirm.

It's just—it's never been like this before.

Louis takes a deep breath and keeps pumping his fingers in and out, watching the way Liam's cock jumps when he touches that spot inside of him, the way he gets wetter, shining with it. Liam's gone totally pliant, relaxed around him, and Louis knows he's ready now, knows he can take a cock. He just hopes he can handle it. He eases his fingers out and watches as Liam's hole clenches around the emptiness, and Liam makes this little sound, almost like a whine, at the loss. Louis isn't even sure he's heard it, can't believe his own ears.

"It's okay," he hears himself murmuring, as he quickly strips off, whipping his t-shirt off over his head and yanking down his jeans and pants. "It's okay, gonna give you my cock now."

Liam turns his face into the pillows, breathing heavily, still so red in the face, looking totally overwhelmed. But his long legs hang open, and his hole looks flushed and slick, and his cock is so thick and dark against his tummy and he looks—debauched, and so fucking shy about it, and god, Louis needs to be inside him right the fuck now.

Louis's hands are shaky and he makes a total mess with the lube, spilling it on the sheets in his hurry. He slows down once he's between Liam's legs through, once he's got Liam's thighs wrapped around him and his dick lined up with Liam's hole—he's so slow, every movement careful and measured, guiding just the tip of his cock past the tightness of Liam's rim.

"Fuck," he breathes, can't help himself, and Liam's face is all screwed up, his cheeks hot and his mouth open in a silent moan. He looks like he can't even deal with what's happening right now, with being on his back for Louis like this, surrendering to him, trusting him completely.

Louis eases in just a tiny bit deeper before pulling out again, working Liam open gradually with his cock, feeling the way he's stretching him out. Liam starts making little sounds again, these sort of mewls, needy and confused and wanting, and Louis can't get enough of it, wants to make Liam scream for him. He rocks in gently 'til he's fully sheathed, 'til his hips are nestled right against Liam's arse and all he can feel is that amazing tight heat. Liam opens his eyes and they look dark, his eyelids heavy. He looks—drugged, almost, sedated, like he's drunk off the feel of Louis's dick deep inside of him.

"You like it," Louis says, quietly, careful, feeling out Liam's reaction. Liam just stares at Louis in something like awe and disbelief, his lips all red and open. "Like, you really like it, Liam, fuck," Louis goes on, because he can't help it.

Liam squirms under him, half from embarrassment and half from the pressure of Louis's cock so still inside him, thick and solid and unmoving. "Louis," he says, his voice all weak, and it sounds like he's begging.

"Who would've thought?" Louis grins, drawing back slightly and sinking back in, watching Liam's eyelids flutter. "Who would've thought you'd like having a dick inside you so much, eh? You love it, don't you?"

"Louis," Liam pleads again, and Louis can't even tell if he's pleading for him to move or to shut his mouth. Louis could swear his words are actually getting Liam even more worked up.

"Yeah, you love it. Love having a cock in your arse, filling you up. It's dirty, isn't it, and you love it." Louis's pushing it, and he knows, but he can sense that this is okay, that Liam is way past the point of freaking out and putting a stop to this just because Louis's teasing him.

He picks up the pace, starts really fucking Liam, hips stroking back and forth until he's pounding Liam hard, skin slapping against skin. Liam fucking loves it, letting out a sort of strangled cry and clinging suddenly to Louis's back, holding onto him as Louis drives his cock deep. He still looks sort of bewildered by it, overwhelmed by how good it feels, but he's surrendered himself to the pleasure, whimpering and rutting up against Louis in rhythm like he's silently urging him to give it to him even harder.

His fingers scrabble at Louis's back and Louis slams into him, pleasure buzzing down his spine as he fucks into the slick heat and stares at Liam's gorgeous face. He spits into his hand and reaches between them for Liam's cock, and as soon as he's got his fingers curled loosely around it Liam gasps. Louis starts jerking him off relentlessly, fist tight and skimming fast over the shaft, wanting to get Liam even more overwhelmed, wanting it to be almost too much for him. Liam nods suddenly, speechless, moving with Louis now like his body's doing it of its own accord, just wanting more.

"Yeah, that's it," Louis says, leaning right over him, murmuring the words against the slight stubble of Liam's jaw. "God, if you love this so much maybe we'll have to do it every night. How about that, yeah? Fucking you every night 'til you're totally worn out and exhausted?" He pulls back, looking Liam in the eye. "Harry might want a go, you know, when I tell him about this. Maybe we should all take turns, me and the lads, pass you round."

Liam's eyes go wide and he sort of splutters, scandalised, but Louis feels the way he clenches around him, the way his cock throbs against Louis's palm at the words.

"Maybe that wouldn't be enough for you," Louis taunts, "maybe you'd want us all at the same time, all in one night, one after the other—"

Liam's fingernails suddenly dig into Louis's back and he's coming, in several hot pulses between their bodies, splashing messy as he twists and writhes, shutting his eyes tight and throwing his head back, neck outstretched. Louis is bowled over, only just manages to get it together enough to pull the rest of Liam's orgasm from him with his fist before he comes himself, pushed over the edge by Liam's response.

"You like that," Louis says, through panting breaths, barely down from the high yet and not moving from his place in between Liam's legs because there are more pressing matters to attend to. "God, fucking hell, Liam. You want all of us at once? You love cock that much, huh?"

Liam squirms, shaking his head. "Louis," he says, and there's a hint of a warning in it, but he can't seem to form any further words.

"Dirty boy," Louis tells him, impressed. "Jesus Christ."

"Shh," Liam manages, and he's shuddering like mad, and the look on his face is one Louis's never seen before.

Louis pets at him, leaning in and kissing his birthmark and then his lips. He doesn't want to tease too much, wants Liam to know that he accepts him or else he'll go somewhere insecure and self-loathing with it. "I'm not judging, Li," Louis tells him softly. "I love it. I love you. God, I just never would have thought."

Liam makes a little noise, something like frustration or embarrassment, covering his face with his hand and laughing behind it, sounding all choked and bewildered. "I don't—I don't know what," he says helplessly, and Louis shushes him, kisses the back of his hand and then slips out of him. Liam is making these little noises and when he brings his hand away his eyes are red and a little wet.

"Hey, it's okay," Louis murmurs, kissing his cheek. He can tell Liam's just overwhelmed, that the tears are just an expulsion of everything he's been keeping locked up inside him these past weeks, and that's probably a good thing, something he's been needing.

He lays Liam down flat and grabs some tissues from the box on the nightstand to deal with the clean-up. Liam is totally out of it, just lying there, eyelids drooping and limbs floppy, and it's amazing—it's the most relaxed Louis's seen him in weeks. And it feels kind of good, wiping Liam off, tucking him back into bed, taking care of him.

By the time Louis gets back in from the bathroom Liam is out like a light, and Louis decides to stay, because he knows Liam's going to need him to be there when he wakes up so he's reassured Louis's not disgusted with him or anything like that. He settles into bed beside him, unable to wipe the grin off his face when he sees just how deeply asleep Liam is, knocked out, boneless and breathing deep and steady.


In the morning Liam is shy with him, but well-rested and sort of peaceful, and Louis just tells him not to think too much, suggests a hot shower to ease the ache, and then kisses him on the cheek and goes back to his and Harry's room. Harry is sitting up in bed looking disbelieving when Louis gets back in, and Louis just smirks at him.

"You didn't."

"I did."

"How in the world—"

"Well, Harold, let me tell you all about it."

Harry starts out laughing when Louis tells him how freaked Liam was, how totally stunned he was by the way it felt, but by the time Louis is describing Liam's neediness, the little noises he made and how big his cock got and how he was grinding down on Louis's dick, Harry is flushed and hard and hanging onto his every word.

"And then I made some quip about all four of us fucking him and he came all over himself," Louis finishes—a little boastfully, he'll admit.

"Oh my god," says Harry in a hushed voice. He's basically rutting against Louis's leg now, shamelessly, and Louis reaches down to give him a hand, grinning wickedly at how well all of this is going.

"He's such a kinky bastard, I'm not even kidding," Louis goes on, "I don't think he even knew it himself 'til last night."

"God, I literally, like—" Harry squirms, taking a second to catch his breath, "I can't even imagine."

"You don't have to, you can see for yourself," Louis tells him without thinking, and then he does think, and—oh, oh yes.

"What?" asks Harry blearily, thrusting up into Louis's fist.

"I'm—fuck, Harry," Louis reaches down to get his own dick out, quick as he can, and spreads Harry out on the bed so they can grind into each other. "I'm gonna make this happen," he gets out, rocking his hips into Harry's clumsily, their cocks rubbing together in something almost like a rhythm. "I'm gonna—gonna get all four of us to fuck him one after the other, and then—fuck—you'll see how much he loves it."

Harry looks sort of dazed, like he's not entirely sure Louis's serious, but the thought clearly appeals to him because his hips start bucking wildly and he's panting, struggling to form words. "Lou, I want—want you to fuck me."

"We don't have time."

"Please." Harry looks a little desperate now, pupils wide and black.

"Harry, no."

"Please. You said you would, after."

"God." Louis struggles to refuse with Harry wriggling impatiently beneath him. "Later, okay?" he forces out. "We'll be late for breakfast."

Harry pouts, but doesn't ask again, wrapping his arms round Louis's hips and holding him close so he can thrust up against him. "Keep talking about Liam," he pleads instead, and Louis grins, takes a second to get his breathing under control, and then starts from the beginning again.

They are late, in the end, but they're not the last ones to show up—Liam is, slipping sheepishly into a seat only a minute or so after Louis and Harry. He interrupts the silent staring contest Zayn and Louis are engaged in, Zayn clearly trying to figure out if anything Louis said last night was true or if his usual late appearance at breakfast with a dishevelled Harry in tow is proof that nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

"Morning," Liam says, and it's a bit mumbly and embarrassed but there's something else in his voice too that Louis notices, something even the others pick up on.

"Wow, you seem a lot better," Zayn says, sounding half-pleased and half-suspicious.

"Yeah, good night's sleep for once?" Niall chips in, squeezing Liam's shoulder and smiling at him.

"Uh, yeah," Liam says, clearing his throat and trying not to look Louis in the eye. In avoiding his gaze he ends up looking at Harry, instead, and Louis's eyes follow to see that Harry is smirking. Liam looks faintly alarmed.

"We tried a new stress-relieving tactic," Louis announces, casually helping himself to a piece of Liam's toast.

"Oh yeah? What was that then?" asks Niall through a mouthful of croissant.

Louis smiles as innocently as he possibly can, given the circumstances, and says pleasantly, "It's called 'my cock in his arse'. Worked a treat as you can see."

"Louis," Liam splutters in disbelief, and goes the colour of a tomato. Everybody looks at him instantly and Louis does feel a bit guilty then, because this is mean, but it's not crossing the line into outright cruelty and besides, it's necessary, if this whole thing is going to work.

"Come off it," says Zayn a little harshly then, looking back at Louis with a sort of stern expression on his face.

Louis shrugs, and checks that Liam isn't actually going to explode or cry or anything and—yeah, he looks all right, a little panicked obviously but not angry, probably too grateful to Louis to be mad about anything right now. Louis figures it's probably hard to hate someone who's been responsible for the best night's sleep you've had in months.

"Yeah, but you didn't actually fuck him," says Niall. His voice has gone all hushed and he has a flake of pastry on his bottom lip. He eyes Liam suspiciously. "He didn't actually fuck you?"

Liam shovels a forkful of eggs into his mouth, apparently trying not to hyperventilate.

"Are you really all right with that?" Niall says to Harry, and Harry just smiles enigmatically, which makes Liam look even more nervous.

"Hey, it's not like I asked him to marry me, I was just being a good friend," Louis says innocently. "And now we've got something that works, right?"

"What exactly do you mean by 'we'," says Zayn flatly.

Louis glances at Harry, who still hasn't said a word, just sitting there eating his cornflakes and occasionally giving Liam a very wicked, very knowing grin that cause Liam to blush right up to the tips of his ears.

"Look, enough of this kind of talk," says Louis, looking away before Harry's smirk causes him to crack. "Not really appropriate breakfast discussion, is it lads?"

He hangs back when they're all done eating, tugs Liam's sleeve and murmurs, "Sorry, mate. You okay?" in his ear.

Liam is still pink, and Louis hears the way his breath hitches when he touches him. "Yeah. Um. Thanks?"

Louis smiles. "No problem. Just figured I should check up on you, you know. I wasn't trying to humiliate you, it's just, you know how it is. No secrets in this band."

"No, not that, I mean," Liam stammers. He looks at his feet. "For last night."

"Oh." Louis's smile grows wider. "My pleasure," he says, patting Liam gently on the back.

And there's plenty more where that came from, he thinks to himself, grinning. Then he catches sight of himself in a mirror across the way and realises he looks like some sort of Disney villain, and tries to force his mouth into a more reasonable shape.


Harry is easy. Harry is definitely up for it. Already, he won't stop teasing Liam about the whole thing, clearly enjoying himself, sidling up to him at the most inappropriate moments and informing him of certain things, like the fact that Louis told him what he sounds like when he comes or that he knows about that freckle he has just behind his balls.

"He said you got all excited when he told you he might let me have a go," he says idly one night, sucking on the straw of his Coke while they're in the bus eating McDonald's. He always picks the moments when everyone's distracted, and he'll say it so casually that the others won't notice. It's very clever, Louis observes. Liam chokes on a McNugget and attempts a denial, but the words sort of die in his throat.

Liam notices Louis watching and shoots him a pleading look. "Is he torturing you?" Louis asks sympathetically. He turns to Harry. "Hmm. Why don't you tell Liam about how hard you got when I told you what happened? How you begged me to fuck you even though we were already late?"

"Shut up." Harry goes slightly pink and elbows Louis in the ribs. "I just needed you to remind me you're mine," he mutters.

"Mmhm." Louis quirks an eyebrow, doubtful. "Funny how you were totally fine with me talking about Liam the whole time then."

Liam seems to lose his appetite then and disappears off to his bunk to lie down.

When it comes to Niall, things go pretty smoothly too. It seems like he's not really taking Louis entirely seriously, but he's agreeable nonetheless and Louis figures that's all that matters.

"He's been like a different person these past couple of days," Niall says with a shrug. "I'd do anything to keep him that happy."

And it's true—Liam seems better than he has in weeks. He's still pretty anxious on occasion but that awful stress that was draining the life right out of him seems to have disappeared, and he can laugh and mess about with them more genuinely now, like he's properly enjoying himself instead of just trying or pretending. He's more chatty in interviews, more capable of dealing with the heavy workload, and he goes back to making friendly small talk with paparazzi, even smiling all brave and polite when they ask what happened to that pretty dancer who's usually on his arm. He's not back to his old self, but it seems like he's getting there, like he just needs one last push. And Louis knows what would do the job.

The problem is Zayn, really. Zayn is steadfastly refusing to believe anything that comes out of Louis's mouth these days, convinced that it's all a part of some elaborate prank and nothing really happened between Louis and Liam at all. This, understandably, makes it difficult for Louis to get him to consider joining in. He won't even believe Louis when Louis swears to God. And he does it all solemnly with his hand on his heart and everything.

"When did you start believing in God?" is all Zayn says, frowning at him suspiciously.

Louis frowns back. "Don't deflect. I swear on Harry?"

"What about your Mum? Your sisters?"

"I don't really want to bring them into this, to be honest," says Louis, wrinkling his nose, "but all right, yeah. I swear on them too. It happened, Zayn, I promise you."

Zayn looks troubled. "But the bit about all of us—you made that up, right?"

"No, he said it!" Louis insists. "Well, okay, I said it, but I promise he liked the idea. It made him come. I'm not lying." Zayn is still looking at him distrustfully. "Look," Louis says, trying to appeal to Zayn's sense of logic, "why would I even be talking about this if it didn't happen, that would just be weird."

"You are weird though," Zayn points out.

"Well—all right, but not that weird. Not like, 'organise a gangbang for a friend who hasn't even expressed interest in the idea' weird."

"Fuck off," says Zayn, shoving Louis a little bit, but he's laughing, shaking his head. "I dunno, okay, it's not—it's just, I can't wrap my head around it. I mean, it's Liam."

"Trust me, I know," Louis says, all sympathy. "It doesn't make any more sense when you've got your cock inside him."


"Just think about it, yeah? I wanna wait a while anyway, not overwhelm him too much. Give him some time."

"Hmm," is all Zayn says, slumping back in his seat.

What finally convinces Zayn is the way Liam slowly starts to revert back to the way he was before he and Louis had sex—distant and distracted, his smiles and jokes seeming half-hearted again. It's gradual, but noticeable, and Louis can tell that Zayn's getting worried about him, seeming more agitated and quiet himself. Eventually, after further reassurance that yes, Liam wants this, and yes, it will make him feel better—Zayn is in.

Louis just has to get Liam a little more used to the idea, and once they find the perfect night, they're all set.


Tags: kink: gangbang, kink: group sex, kink: overstimulation, pairing: harry/louis, pairing: liam/harry, pairing: liam/louis, pairing: niall/liam, pairing: ot5, pairing: zayn/liam, rating: nc-17, words: 15-20k
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